Тексты песен

  • if i could get over you then i could get away from here it's such a
Tina Cousins - Killing Time
  • i love my people i want everybody on their right side i feel so good Eddy Wata - I Love My People
  • lorsque je leve les yeux je rencontre le ciel et je me dis mon dieu Charles Aznavour - Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux
  • my victims are rich or poor young or old strong or weak i cause Megadeth - Prince of Darkness
  • let's clap your hands everybody let's stomp your feet everybody let's DJ Fresh - Gold Dust
  • солнце ветер и мы с тобою на планете солнце ветер и мы заявлены в NoraLasso - Солнце
  • if i said the wrong thing would you leave though my fingers may break One Less Reason - Favorite Color
  • i'm giving you a nightcall to tell you how i feel i'm gonna drive you London Grammar - Nightcall
  • i wish i could breathe i wish i could stand i wish i had a chance Abney Park - Breathe
  • cristina unchained 4x andrea there is nothing up ahead or down the

    Lacuna Coil - Unchained